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Contact information


I can be reached by email at This is my strongly preferred method of communication. Note that it may still take me several days to respond, because I combine a day job with my cartooning work and don't always immediately know what to say anyway. I do read everything. Well, everything that makes it past several layers of spam filtering.

Use email for:

  • telling me that the site is broken
  • business-related messages
  • personal messages and letters

Other means of contact

Comments to the comics

Comments to the comics are the preferred method for informing me of spelling and grammar errors and plot inconsistencies in the individual comics. Comments of this nature will persist on the site after the necessary corrections have been made, as a monument to my stupidity. Do not use the comments to tell me the front page or the site as a whole is broken in some way; use email for that.

Use comments for:

  • Corrections to individual comics Actually, this does not work at all. If you comment with a correction to a comic, your comment will be ignored for periods between a week and eight years. Please do not suggest corrections to me through any channel until I've figured out a good way to deal with them, and until I have time to deal with them. You have no idea how much opening my Comments dashboard to find more un-actionable complaints about broken links saps the joy out of me.
  • Friendly discussion of individual comics and the chapters they're in
  • Critical discussion of individual comics and the chapters they're in

Drive-by comments saying things along the lines of "this sucks and you suck" do not count as criticism and will be deleted if I'm in a bad enough mood, which is often.

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan forum

Nobody uses the Forum anymore, but it's still there and as a moderator on the Talk About Comics forums, I still check "messages posted since last visit" and will notice if/when something gets posted on my forum.


I have accounts with several instant messaging services but now that I've got a full-time job I'm not on them very often anymore. If you're not on my buddies list anyway, don't bother. Even when I'm not at work, I find the behaviour of messenging clients disruptive and am only willing to put up with it if the messages come from close friends and collaborators.

Social networks

I'm on several social networks, but the only ones that matter for the purpose of contacting me are Linkedin, Facebook and DeviantArt.

Yelling or honking your car horn at me when you see me walking down the street

This won't do the slightest bit of good.