Age: three hundred, give or take a few
Species: Half-faerie, half-human

Vigdis was born some time in the 8th Century to a Faerie mother and a Human father. Before she was old enough to take the Rite of Serfdom, and in spite of the Rune of Containment that was developed to prevent that sort of thing, she started projecting herself through space and manipulating time. As an adult, she has the ability to pick and choose from an endless range of possible timelines, and go back on her choice if she ends up in a timeline she doesn't like. This ability comes to her as easily as walking does to a human being.

Despite her awesome powers, she is happy working as the research assistant to Professor Storbjørn Rásdondr. Why this is isn't clear, but one reason could be that the Professor is one of only a very small number of people living in the 11th Century who has any chance at understanding, at a crude level, the genetics underlying her condition of extremely enhanced magical power and an extremely extended lifespan. Rásdondr may well be the only person who can figure out why these characeristics haven't been passed on to her offspring, two of which she had already outlived by the time she met him.

As Rásdondr's assistant, Vigdis has continued to casually alter the timeline to suit them both, and to protect her often reckless employer. It would seem, though that if something is actually impossible, such as bringing her kids back to life, she can't pick a timeline in which it happens. Other than that, the limits to Vigdis's powers are unknown.

Vigdis has more Faerie-ish characteristics than Kel — she has minimal body hair and vestigial wings, but her ears are round.