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Unfantasy - stereotypes subverted while you wait

A collection of short fantasy stories made to annoy other fantasy artists back. Not worksafe, because you are a grown-up and know better than to read this at work.

  1. The Eye of the Underworld He's a man on a mission! He drinks! He seduces the womenfolk! He completely forgets what the hell he was doing! The adventures of the alchemist Ioannes von Kildenbusch in Arabia, the land of 1001 nougats. Written by Geir StrÝm.
  2. The Wife in the Hole -a Saami folktale Short Saami folktale adapted by Geir StrÝm and illustrated by Reinder Dijkhuis
  3. A Trinket's Tale Thieving in your underwear isn't all that, not even in a Typical Fantasy Environment.
  4. Chain Mail Bikini The real story behind chain mail bikinis and what they contain.
  5. People of the Sewer Guest comic for Fight Cast or Evade.

See also: Pindrop — Short, quirky comics without any dialogue to distract you. Little Cottage In The Woods — when horror enters the lives of a fan and his long-suffering girlfriend.