Sash the squirrel wrangler

Sash the Squirrel Wrangler tending to one of her charges. She gets along with her squirrels just fine, but carries a Stick of Poking and wears leather gloves just in case... Squirrels may look cute and fluffy but can get pretty vicious when angry. And one of these days, one of them is going to wonder if it, too, will end up as a rather preposterous hat.

Her utility belt contains various treats and medicines for her squirrels. Sash is one of few members of her clan who specialises in just one trade, and in a culture whose survival in winter depends on the availability of squirrel fur, squirrel meat and trained live squirrels to locate caches of nuts, she is both respected and comparatively wealthy. It's worth the risk of dying from plague, rabies or septic bites.

It is very likely that there is another faerie named Sash in the Wodeskovian village where she lives.