Storbjørn Rásdondr

Professor Storbjørn Rásdondr
Age: 70
Species: Gnome

Professor Rásdondr is the Gnomian Republic's most pre-eminent experimental biologist, specialising in cross-species hybridisation. He has bred Ligers and Tigons, as well as various hybrid cabbages, and has investigated natural Human/Faerie crossings. His vast knowledge has come at a price though, as many of his research subjects have attacked him over the years and caused him horrifying injuries. Rásdondr lost an arm, a leg, and an eye as a result, and lives in mortal dread of cabbages to this day

The Professor has developed an elaborate hypothesis based on the Theory of Humours, to explains why Ligers grow larger than any of their parent animals whereas Tigons usually have stunted growth, and has applied this hypothesis to the odd discrepancies of magical power and lifespan surrounding Faerie/Human hybrids as well. He predicts that as long as the mother is a Faerie and the father a Human, the resulting offspring will always be more powerful and longer-lived than the mother, but be stuck with human size. If the Faerie is the father, on the other hand, the offspring will be weak and die before adulthood.

The Professor was a material witness at the trial of Vigdis, herself a Fae/Human hybrid.