Species: Faerie
Year of Birth: unknown, before 975.

Faerie ultra-nationalist, public spokesman of Sinn Fae and a prominent member of the Thieving Bastards. Whenever an angry mob needs to be drummed up, P'séaigg is the one directing the drumming (however, C.M.I.I. Daoibleagh is often the first to turn up).

For a faerie who insists on retaining his ethnic identity, P'séaigg exhibits many un-faerie-like characteristics. Intolerance and pig-headedness, but also determination, good organisational skills and a strong work ethic. He's the kind of person you want on your side, and not on anyone else's.

Sidhe P'séaigg served in the Elven Underground during the 4 Contention wars, steadily rising through the ranks until he was Captain. By that time, he came to realise that although the Underground had grown out of the Tree Faerie Resistance Front, all his superior officers were Gnomes, and so were all other Captains except Norla. This shaped his beliefs that Faeries were being discrimitated against in the emerging new order that eventually brought fourth the Gnomian Republic. A supporter of the Funny Hats faction in the Gnomian Assembly, P'séaigg joined Sinn Fae and has been their lead troublemaker ever since, singling out Gnomian government personnel, High Elven nobles and faeries who wear clothes for abuse and harrassment.