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Pin Drop

Comics without distracting dialogue. Some of the subject matter may disturb or offend some people.

  1. Injury The story of my self-inflicted hand injury.
  2. When we had tails God created Woman with free will and a prehensile tail. Not one of her better ideas. Written by Geir StrÝm.
  3. Tree Test One tree stands out from the other trees. There are consequences.
  4. The Grim Barrowman Death comes in many forms. One of them stalks you with glassy eyes and a wheelbarrow. Script by Barbara Stok.
  5. Desperately Seeking When you travel, fit in with the natives at all cost. If you can't, get the hell out of Dodge.
  6. Juggling Oranges and bananas and apples, oh my.
  7. Seedy Sunspot An empty sunspot turns out to be empty for a reason.
  8. Crossroads Choices, choices, y'always gotta choose.
  9. Epilogue What comes after the end

Pin Drop was originally the title of a minicomic I published in 1998 containing 5 wordless stories. It's quite a nice collection - the five stories hang together surprisingly well despite covering a wide range of genres and settings. Some were autobiographical, others were pure fantasy. One was written by Geir Strøm; the other four were all my creation.

I've thought about putting out a sequel or an expanded edition. There isn't enough suitable material for a sequel, and an expanded edition would arguably be like a CD reissue with bonus tracks stuck in at random points, interfering with the flow. I have decided, though, to make the web version the Expanded Edition, because the added stories have to be sorted somewhere.

See also: Unfantasy — Fantasy tropes subverted while you wait. Little Cottage In The Woods — when horror enters the lives of a fan and his long-suffering girlfriend.