Species: Faerie
Year of Birth: unknown, probably early 980s.

A Wodeskovian faerie who served his Rite of Serfdom with Kel in Clwyd-Rhan. Currently living in his birth tree with Norla.


Ottar was originally brought in by the evil faerie Wythllew, to help the Corby clan fight Kel, Atra and all witches in general. Hearing the true story of the origin of the Corby curse made him realise that this was not an aim he could agree with, so he kicked up a row with Leroukh Corby and resigned from his post to join Kel instead. He served out his Rite of Serfdom with Kel's household, defending property and livestock against intruders and washing all the socks.

He has become fiercely loyal to Kel and her family, but is at heart a tribesman, so after he struck up with Kel's half-sister Norla, he persuaded her to come live with him in Wodeskog for some time. Norla, who at the time was in a bit of an identity crisis, accepted, and seems to have taken well to living with Ottar's clan. Eventually, though, Ottar wants to move to the city, because in his time with the Rogues, he's taken to making clothes as an activity, and there just isn't much of a market for them in Wodeskog. He's been busying himself sewing hats, but it just isn't the same.