Species: Faerie
Year of Birth: unknown, before 975.

A Myrkskovian tree faerie, half-sister to Kel. Norla was until recently a professional musician. She fought in all 4 Contention Wars, which has made her a fervent supporter of the Gnomian Republic and the Pax Gnomica. She has a hot temper and is not afraid to show it.


Norla is older than Kel. She performed her Rite of Serfdom at a church in Corvej, Slesvig-Holstein, in 989-990. During her stay, she converted to Christianity, or at least to her idea of what Christianity should be.

She fought in the Tree Faerie Liberation army during the First Contention War, then joined the Elven Underground in which she fought in the next three Contention Wars. She made it to the rank of Captain, at which point she fell in love with another Captain, P'Séaigg, whom she had known as a child. They were lovers, but were driven apart because they had differing opinions about damn nearly everything. Since then, they've been driven further apart, because P'Séaigg is a card-carrying Funny Hat, whereas Norla, alone of her clan, supports the Thieving Bastards.

During Kel's visit to the Gnomian Republic, she met Ottar and, to the extent that any faerie will admit to falling in love, fell in love with him.

Norla is considered one of the founders of the Gnomian Republic, though her Christian beliefs have made her drift apart from the Republic's current government. Since meeting Ottar, she's been re-evaluating her relationship to her own family, clan and species, which she has chosen to do in Ottar's birth village in Wodeskog.