As a pixie, Feiht is always in for a prank or two, maybe three. It would be a mistake to say she suffers from kleptomania, as she enjoys it a great deal. Thanks to her naivety and short span of attention, it's easy for people of more sinister intent to abuse her fondness of jests and japes, and this is exactly what happened when Feiht took a side-trip from her own dimension to that in which the Gnomian Republic can be found. She had a run-in with a rebel organisation called the U.L.F., who persuaded her to throw itching powder into a room where Maghreid and Abúi were deliberating about what to do with the Green Knight. In the ensuing commotion, Feiht was apprehended, but she managed to steal Abúi's golden torque and return to her own world with it. This lead to Abúi pursuing Feiht into her own world.