Lady Demona

According to her write-up at Circle Arcadia, Demona is

...the queen of Drakesgard, and wife of the Fire Giant, Surt. She is the younger sister of Arcadia that decided to leave Asengard after a dispute during the First Ragnarok. She is also the mother of Sayden Aruden, a crucial part of both her and Arcadia's plans. She hates the Asenir gods with all her being, and all those who associate themselves with them and will stop at nothing to get back at her sister.

Demona has allied herself with Countess Alcydia, in a mutual aid pact in which they provide one another with military capacity they've been missing so far - Alcydia provides the cannon fodder in the form of a division of her Wolfmen, and Demona provides special Demonic and Valkyrean forces. The alliance has transformed itself into a friendship of sorts, though both leaders are very self-centered and severely limit what they are willing to do for one another.