Agni the Messenger Witch

Agni was despatched by Queen Elspeth to the dimension of Demona, which the Queen referred to as a backwater, to deliver a Strongly Worded Letter to Demona. Strongly Worded Letters are a highly explosive and vitriolic method of communication and their use is so rare that only trusted Messenger Witches are qualified to deliver them. Agni had served the Queen in a messenger capacity for fifteen years before she was selected to delivered the Strongly Worded Letter, the first since the tragic incident with the SWL delivered to the witch Baba Yaya a hundred years earlier.

Agni delivered the SWL with the speed expected of her, but was unfortunately captured by Demona's demons upon her arrival. Demona was not impressed with the SWL or its contents, and had Agni put in a dungeon as retaliation. A few days later, Agni was transferred back to the Undercity, at the request of Countess Alcydia, who hoped to use her blood as an ingredient for a Witch Elixir with which to repopulate the Undercity.

After a year of experimentation, Alcydia's Wolfmen rebelled, Agni was set free and immediately resumed work for the Witch Queen, without as much as a vacation to recover from a year in the dungeons. They just don't make witches like that anymore.

Agni currently lives in the new Undercity and has taken advantage of the Queen's rejuvenation offer.