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For the next few weeks, art chores on this comic will be taken over by the fantastic Aggie of American Gothic Daily, a dark romance comic with vampires set in rural Tennessee. Aggie has also done some lovely fan arts for ROCR and has been taking part in both CameoComic and Evil Overlords United, adding her quirky touches to the latter several times a week.

For the same period that Aggie's working on Feral, I'll be taking over art chores on American Gothic Daily. We've been enjoying this swap a lot, and hope you will too; we do things very differently from how they've been done in our respective comics, but that's a big part of the fun!

NOTE: Many of the earlier pages of Feral are still for sale through my ComicSpace galleries, where you can see what they look like in their uncoloured, un-inked state. They're pretty cheap too, and all pages sold will be shipped with a colour print of the finished product.

What, Matins already? The URL of this comic is


This comment doesn't apply to the comic strip but I didn't see any other place to put it.

If you have a chance while you are in Nashville, go to the Grand Ole Opry. I am sure you will enjoy it.
Posted by Suzy Q
We might do that if we have time - if not, we'll do it over Christmas when I plan to be back.
Technically, we're not really in Nashville, but an hour's drive away from it. Even though that's not too bad, we can't really go to town every day. Thanks for the tip, though!
Posted by Reinder
And when I'm back, I'm going to put a shoutbox up on the home page.
Posted by Reinder