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Watch the nettles The URL of this comic is


After surviving getting his head lopped off by the Green Knight, one might venture that it would take more than Kel walking through nettles to shock Jodoque. First comic that hasn't been published on the other site?
Posted by Michiel P
If by 'other site' you mean Modern Tales, then no - that's still about five strips ahead.
Posted by Lee
Not being affected by nettles is against the proper order of things, like eating live wasps. Surviving a beheading is just magic and jiggery-pokery.

The ROCR archives on, Modern Tales and Webcomicsnation will all synch up on October 31, which is also currently the day the buffer runs out. Considering that the PC at my studio is currently a paperweight, I'm not at all sure how things will go after that, though we're working to make some emergency provisions.
Posted by Reinder