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Before reading this comic, read CameoComic.

Colours by DFG

Enter Scale The URL of this comic is


WOW! It's weird seeing someone modern in this strip. This whole things has been pretty interesting so far :D
Posted by Fesworks
Another red-haired cutie in this comic :-P
Posted by TuuronTour
It's like redheads grow on trees, isn't it?
Posted by Reinder
"... Travel through time in a blue box" Funny, she doesn't look like Doctor Who!

Posted by Suzy Q
That got to be the most sweet innocent looking puppy-eyed Scale to date... can you do anything but love her? :)
Posted by Hogan
Suzy Q, Norla is referring to this:
Posted by Reinder
SuzyQ: Doctor Who doesn't look like Doctor Who!
Posted by Silverwolf
It was drawn.
Posted by Sam