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Backgrounds by Calvin Bexfield. Colours by Mravac Kid.

Sky is red, I don't understand... The URL of this comic is


Purple demons? Are they more nutritious than fish?
Posted by Doc
Makes a change from red or green.
Posted by Lee
And what did I tell you about Judo-Cristian mysticism? What did I tell you?
Posted by Zixinus
I still don't know what you're going on about.
Posted by Reinder
"Judo Christian" conjures up interesting images of Crusaders with martial arts training.
Posted by Lee
The sky turning red and demons coming to Earth to punish pretty much everyone that isn't a saint, is pretty much essential principle of Judoe-Cristian mysticism.
Posted by Zixinus
And here I thought I'd just set up a cool visual effect!
Posted by Reinder
I think the red sky works quite well really. Though I will grant it does add a certain end of the world quality to it al.
Posted by Mojo Rat
Lee, where did you get your somewhat colourful ideas of Judeo-Christian mysticism? I've never heard of such a thing.

Here's an interesting Web page I just found on Google, it cites a lot of the right people, I have no idea whether it's reliable, but much more so than red skies and daemons coming to earth. Sheesh.

Posted by Joe
Well, that Web page didn't get in, did it? Trying again: [Edited by moderator]
Posted by Joe
BTW, Joe, you seem to be reading the signature above the post instead of the one below it...
Posted by Lee
Joe, links don't work here as part of a whole battery of measures to thwart spam (the ratio of attempted spam to real comments is about 300 to one, so severe measures are unfortunately necessary). I've fixed up one comment so the URL is visible and can be cut and pasted, and deleted the other two attempts so the repeat posts don't crowd out the other commentary. Thanks for posting the URL - I shall read it ASAP.
Posted by Reinder
some odd anatomy here, with heavy fangs above and nought but a lovely strong tongue below. one imagines a gaping leap, tongue grab, and downward stab; and one wonders if there´s enough anvil there for the hammer´s blow; and then, if those teeth are built hollow, to suck the juices from their prey... (and another one wonders just where my sympathies lie, anyway)
Posted by spinclad
Would "sky is red, I don't understand" perchance be a reference to Deep Purple's "Burn"?
Posted by Tyris
You know, I could do with a SAW chaingun, plasma rifle, or BFG right about now...
Posted by Silverwolf