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The section below contains spoilers for the storyline of the next 10 days. It is a first attempt at providing some background to the world of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and will probably be rewritten, moved, re-templated, moved again, re-designed, rewritten again and then scrapped. There'll be more of this in the weekends over the next few months.

Wodeskog Faeries

Forty years before the Contention Wars, the Goblin explorer Sir Bork Eiwisk wrote of the Wodeskovian faeries:

The great explorer, Sir Bork Eiwisk

The distinguished explorer, Sir Bork Eiwisk,
portrayed while writing his travel memoirs.

The Faeries of Wodeskog are one of the last remaining tribes of primitive woodland faeries. They have resisted all attempts to draw them into the greater Faerie Kingdoms and do not take part in any inter-species or even inter-tribal organisations. The Wodeskovians clans have kept their culture pure by avoiding most contact with the outside world and are particularly concerned with preventing discovery by humans. Though Wodeskovian Faeries practice the Rite of Serfdom, they do not coordinate with the Office of Rites and rarely fulfill their ritual duties in human households. The rare Wodeskovians who do end up in the employ of humans will go out of their way to avoid discovery.

They are helped in their attempts at maintaining cultural purity by the inaccessibility of the forest itself, and by their habit of living in seemingly unaltered natural structures such as ancient, hollow trees. A tree may be home to a clan of fifty to a hundred faeries.

How to gain access to a Wodeskog Faerie Clan

Wodeskovians are secretive towards any species including other faeries. When an intruder enters territory used by a Wodeskovian clan, the clan will hide inside its dwelling. One can entice them to reveal themselves by entering their workplaces, which are typically removed several hundred yards from their dwellings and also well-concealed. The workplaces are not disguised as thoroughly as the dwellings themselves, and are often marked by the presence of the clan's Grimborg. Another way to force the clan to reveal itself is to threaten the dwelling in some way. However, this is not recommended as the clan will typically attack the unwary explorer.

The best way to make contact with a Wodeskovian clan is to befriend one of its members, who will then vouch for you. Young Wodeskovians often leave the clan for several years to practice the Rite or meet breeding mates from outside the clan. Once introduced, the clan will treat you as an honoured guest and take you into its trust.

Left: Wodeskovian hat. Right: Myrkskog hat

Wodeskovians practice a traditional hunter/gatherer lifestyle with limited animal husbandry. They have domesticated the squirrel, which they keep for its fur and for help in gathering nuts for the winter. A typical Wodeskovian workplace will include a small forge for making bronze weapons and tools, a squirrel pen and workshops for artists who decorate the clan Grimborg and paints the clan members' bodies. Wodeskovians make their own hats, which are distinct from the Myrkskog style of hatmaking by their narrower brims, more exuberant style and use of feathers, horns and squirrel tails.

Preparation of Wodeskog Faeries

There is great eating on a Wodeskog Faerie, even one that may seem a little bit elderly. Their active hunter-gatherer lifestyle and balanced diet keeps them in good condition and gives their flesh a rich, gamy flavour. To bring out this taste and show respect to their traditional lifestyle, prepare them in a simple, traditional manner: roast slowly over an open fire, salt lightly and serve with cranberry sauce or no sauce at all.

Footnote: Since the Contention Wars, the Wodeskovian Clans have formally joined the Gnomian Republic, at least officially. Before then, the appearance of unfinished copies of the Wythllewe Boke, whose author was Wodeskog-born, in a village in Clwyd-Rhan proves that the Wodeskovians had more contact with the outside world than Dr. Eiwisk was aware of at the time.

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This is certainly good fun - I like your rendering of Sir Bork! More background information - and especially in this form - is always welcome.
Posted by Michiel P