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Anniversaries are tricky things. Sometime in May, 1991, I drew the very first artwork for The Green Knight's Belt, so by that count, the comic is 15 years old. Sometime in November, 1994, I first stuck the opening pages of The Stone of Contention on a website, so by that count, the comic's online presence is almost 12 years old. But for me, the one date that counts is July 1, 2000, when I posted the Introduction to Guðrún. That's when I started doing ROCR as a webcomic in earnest. So by that count, the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan webcomic is six today. And you know what six means, eh? Let him who hath understanding reckon the Number of the Beast...

That's about all there is to this drawing, I'm afraid. (Six = Devil) + (I want to draw cheesecake) = Kel as a devil girl. She does like to get body-painted up, does our Kel.

Also posted on my DeviantArt site.

Sixth Anniversary The URL of this comic is


Congratulations. She reminds me strongly of her mother in this picture.
Posted by Sebastian Redl
Interesting. Hadn't thought of that myself, to be honest...
Posted by Reinder