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Kel goes shopping. The URL of this comic is


Oops. There's a typo in the first panel narration. If that isn't enough to make you swear...

Also, some of those market stalls don't look very well-stocked.
Posted by Lee
Oh crud. I'll fix it at once.
Posted by Reinder
There. Fixed.
Posted by Reinder
However, I should go back to the image again, and replace "Bad" with "Foul" in the second panel's caption. I'm a bit fed up with translating old work, and it shows in little things like this.
Posted by Reinder
Hmm. I thought the coin was called the Clwydian Shilling, not the Clwyd?
Posted by Adam Cuerden
Hey, did you know that the "previous comic" button on this page takes you to the end of Night of the Dragon, skipping over Brewery completely?
Posted by Eric
No, I didn't. I'll look into it.
Posted by Reinder