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The end! Dedicated to Terry Nation, Douglas Adams and all those who spend years of their lives holding back species extinction.

A stitch in time will do just fine The URL of this comic is


Hey, there was some funny stuff in there!
Posted by Branko Collin
It was FANTASTIC fun to make as well. Easiest comics I've ever done.
Posted by Reinder
Sounds like a winning formula. :-)
Posted by Branko Collin
Oh, I don't know. Sometimes you have to challenge and stretch yourself a bit.
Posted by Reinder
Stop-I'm in stitches
Posted by O.o
Posted by Nalthar
Doctor Who, MD. "Okay, mister Dalek, now turn your head and cough."
Posted by Silverwolf
[2012 re-read] Ahem. "Fortieth". Yeah, I know - "fourteen" has a u and "forty" doesn't. How do people *ever* learn English spelling?
Posted by Lee M