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Guest fortnight v. 4.0

The fourth guest period took place in December, 2004 and contained only a handful of comics.

Guest comic by Mithandir and Alien

Mithandir and Alien are the creators of Chasing the Sunset. Mithandir has also written the content management software for the current Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan site for me.

Originally published on December 17, 2004

Guest comic no. 1 by Mithandir and Alien. The URL of this comic is


By the way, I drew this Feiht for them:
Posted by Reinder
Posted by Lee
Ahhh this was the perfect place to show Feiht naked for once ... ah well :P
Posted by Pulsy
What, here or on the DeviantArt site? In any case, I don't think Mith and Alien would approve.
Posted by Reinder