Chapters First strip Cast About Fan art Downloads Blog Contact [[Ottar and Norla talk in the forest. Arthur eats the dead fox.]] / Norla: Are you done with your work? / Ottar: Aye. The hens were the last. / Norla: Let's talk about Wythllew. What's she like? / Ottar: She was... not unkind to me. But then, she was never my masteress, merefully my ride to the Corby job. / Norla: Why did she pick you? / Ottar: Wythllew is mickle fondnessful of the fae of Wodeskog. She trows us the purest fae, nearest to the old ways./ Norla: But she herself has transformed her body into one more like a high elf, wears clothes and coops herself up inside a tree./ Ottar: Aye... weird that... speaking of clothes, calls not your faith for more coverings? Such as you wore yestre'en? / Norla: Yeah, it does... but now that I'm here, among the humans, it seems a bit silly to. Here, I don't have to prove a point. / Ottar: Even though none of the folk in this house are Christian folk themselves?

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