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A few notes on the Gnomian transport ritual: Gnomian magic, as has been mentioned before, uses the energy generated by secret conspiracies, redirecting it for magical purposes. The ritual used for the redirection comes in a few variants: Kel was transported to the Green Knight's lair by four Gnomes waving torches. Although most Gnomes approve of versions of the ritual involving the flourishing of some sort of stick with a knob on the end, most prefer variants that also involve a triangular slab on which a mock sacrifice is conducted. This is symbolic of something or other.
By the way, the "cheese representative" P'Séaigg mentions is in fact a cheese. It's a long story which undoubtedly involves C.M.I.I Daoibleagh in some capacity or other. Our woad-covered friend is probably right not to trust the cheese rep.

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Mmm...cheese and a cracker.
Posted by Lee M
maby the slab reprisents a slice of cheese
Maybe the cheese is from Lancre.
Posted by Page-Mistress