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Artist's Note: I was going to use a clever Javascript/image-map widget to supply translations, but I haven't got around to it. And after seeing the recent untranslated dialogue in FRAMED!!!, I thought, hey, my readers have brains too, right? So I'm inviting you all to guess at the meaning of this in the Reinder Dijkhuis forum. Good luck, although it will be easier for those of you who already speak Gnomian...

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My, they're pointy. Her ears, I mean. What did you think?
Posted by Lee M
I am impressed with your knowledge of scandinavic language. It is a bit rough, but as a norwegian myself I have no problems understanding what you write.
Posted by Adahar
You're very kind. I'm lucky in that I've always been able to insist that it isn't actually Norwegian but a language very like Norwegian. Nevertheless some of my Scandinavian friends have countered by saying it's simply a dialect of VeryBadNorwegian...
Posted by Reinder
I liked reading this. Makes me think of Nordic, ie really old Norwegian. ;) I'm delighted to find I can understand most of it, and at least get the gist of the rest.
Posted by Varewulf
(Another Norwegian) In the last frame she gives her name as "Kel Man's daughter". Interesting.
Posted by Stig Hemmer
I'm not scandi, but I studied swedish for a bit. However, I'm out of practice and could only understand three or four words. oh well.
Posted by Loki
Yeah, it's obvious even to me who can barely read the script let alone understand the language that she presented herself as Kel.

As for the pointy ones... yes, very pointy. And nicely shaped too.
Lovely ears indeed. >_>
Posted by Mravac Kid
The forum seems broken and I have no idea of Norwegian :(
Please provide a translation! I don't think I have any other way...
Posted by Ikesaurus
OK: I've added a translation to the transcription here:;n=0;m=0;d=0;s=Hvorfor;Search=Search;b=0;comic=249;t=0
and will add a translated version of this page later, when I have more time.
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Posted by Reinder