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Guðrún, and the many witches she had contacted over the crystall ball network, had run out of options. Earlier, she had almost managed to forge a mental link with the baby, who had hit her in the face with a double whopper of pain and exhaustion.

It was clear that only a surgeon would have been able to rescue the baby, at the expense of the mother's life. However, the castle had never retained one.

"Give up," said a voice in Guðrún's head. "You've done all you could. Let them rest."
"No!" said another voice. "There's one more thing you can do. It will be hard, and costly, but you can save both of them!"

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You know, I've just noticed this now, but I really like how it isn't specified which side in the drawing gives which advice.
Posted by Solarn
You're the first person to pick up on that in five years.And just for once, I can confirm that yes, it was intentional.
Posted by Reinder
Putting in speech bubbles would have ruined that.
Posted by Sam