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"I am indeed the father of Ragna's child. I'm responsible for him... her... it. And I want to raise it if Ragna wants me to. That is why I agreed to Ragna's suggestion that we set up a farm."

Tamlin's admissions did little to improve Ethelfried's mood.

"But - ", Tamlin continued, "we weren't lovers, and still aren't."

This, at least, caught Ethelfried's attention.

"Ragna joined the gang when she was just a girl. She knew me by reputation - that of a dashing bandit who slayed dragons, stole from the rich, and gave to the poor, yadda yadda, and had a big crush on me."

"Tamlin," said Ethelfried, "You don't have time for the saga of your life. Get to the point."

Tamlin gets a keen if skeptical hearing The URL of this comic is