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Night of the Dragon

The next two weeks worth of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan will feature a short story from 1993 - set in the year 993 - in which we see the circumstances of Kel's first meeting with a dragon. It's a fun story, and even the art isn't too bad for such an early comic although I've made a few corrections; see if you can spot them.
One notable change in my thinking about dragons is revealed by the fact that I've uncritically shown this particular dragon in flight. For Dolphins and Dragons, I considered using the conventional explanations for dragon flight - gaseous organs, ultra-light skeletons and small stubby wings for steering. In the end, though, I opted for a more likely explanation: that the "wings" of dragons are in fact display frills used early in dragon evolution to scare predators and later in mating rituals, and that dragons don't use them to fly at all.
That leaves me with an inconsistency because the dragon in Night of the Dragon flies. Perhaps the magical field over Clwyd-Rhan was stronger in those days; in any case, in the year 1000, dragons no longer fly because they are too big and heavy with tiny fake "wings".

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Old Kel story with new Kel face in panels 2,3 & 7?
Posted by Doc
Well-spotted! You're the first to notice. I redrew those panels back in 2001 because I couldn't stand to look at the original versions. Obviously, I'm not as squeamish about my old art now.
Posted by Reinder