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Rogues of Clwyd Rhan Archives

The Green Knight's Belt
The Green Knight's Belt: The very first Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story written and drawn in 1991/2. Introducing the gang as they pursue invincibility!
A Gang in Decline|The journey starts|The Beheading Contest|

The Rogues' major rival has been working to become King instead of the King. He has the support of a major guild and a magical artifact.
Uncouth visitors|Boiling oil|

An alchemists' convention threatens to disrupt life in the forest. But it also presents money-making opportunities for the gang.

It's Samhain, All Hallows' Eve! The day evil spirits stalk the earth, and the day Tamlin's gang hatch a hare-brained scheme...

The Death Warrant
The Rogues intercept a message that presents them with a major moral dilemma.
The message and the dream|The Poet and the Painter|Oracle, hag and faerie|The hunt for the Rogues|The hanging party|

Night of the Dragon
Kel is sent on an errand, and what do you know? A dragon kidnaps her. Reluctantly, the Rogues come to her rescue.
Night of the Dragon|

The Rogues hide from their pursuers in a brewery, only to find that that is exactly the wrong place for them to seek refuge in. Art by Remco Polman.

The New Sheriff
There's a new sheriff in town, and he's a nasty piece of work!
The New Sheriff|

The Stone of Contention
A solar eclipse is imminent and magic is in the air. Atra wants to go to a Witches' Sabbath and Jake has started to build an infernal machine. Little do they know that in a faraway land, Gnomes want them to do a dirty and unpleasant job.
Atra's Invite|The Sabbath|Gnomes|The mission|The Dungeon|Battle for the Crystal|

Musicking: Kel sings a little song.

The Faerie and the Earth-Pig
Kel is menaced by an old enemy, now more deranged than ever!
Scarabus|Heat Wave|Bedlam|Naked Faerie Fighting|

Duchess Gurn is kidnapped, and it's up to the Rogues, sans Kel and Jodoque, to rescue her.
Introduction|Escaping Winter|Kel and Jodoque Live it Up|The Embassy|The Book of Amoralia|The Search is On|Wolfmen Everywhere!|Sleeping with the Dog|Things to Look Forward To|

A very short story.

The Weakest Lunkhead
Tamlin is having a vision of the afterlife, which looks oddly like a 21st-Century game show. Even more strangely, the game comes with a tidy moral.
The Weakest Lunkhead|

Babble Banter Brouhaha
The Rogues talk, argue, discuss, debate, bicker bicker bicker.
Babble Banter Brouhaha|

Clerical Underground
Kel gets a visit from a group of hooded conspirators. Beware of hooded conspirators bearing ancient and hermetic documents!
Clerical Underground|

The Corby Clan
As Jodoque works on his invention and the witches try to come up with a spell to undo their earlier work on Tamlin, they are watched by birds. Birds who are people. And they hate witches with a passion.
The Corby Clan|

Dolphins and Dragons
Kel is plagued by nightmares, in which she is devoured by sleek marine predators. Dragons are wise; perhaps the one that was recently spotted in the mountains can help her?
Intro|Town Crier Network|Upstart Crows and Purple Ducks|Meat and Drink|

Sauna Opera
While waiting for the births of Kel and Ragnarok's babies, the gang spend some time at Leppiainnen's Sauna. Tamlin meets an old ...acquaintance.
Sauna Opera|

The Corby Tribe
Wythllew returns, and joins forces with a group of people who are implacably hostile to Kel and Atra for some reason
Return and Remorse|The Fire of Ungdomma|Waylay|Fire Elf|Ancestor's Bone|Punk Rock Berserkerettes|Sheep in Wolf's Clothing|Bait and Switch and Switch and Switch|

The Rite of Serfdom
Kel returns to the Land of the Gnomes to bring a sacred relic back to where it belongs. But she doesn't get the welcome she expected!
Family reunion|The Dyrtforabyggern|Haligstal|Stakes|The Consensus Faerie|Renegades|Darkness|The Rite of Serfdom ch. 8: Pairings|The Wythllew effect|Inside Ottar|Offers and motives|Trial, day 1|Trial, day 2|Grimborg|Home|Nitpicks|

Filler Story: A cute sketchbook story in which Ottar and Norla meet a time traveling human, and his companion.
The Prof and the Doctor|

Something is stealing sheep in Dungill Fens, and a strange young woman living alone in the woods is blamed for it. But is she really a vicious werewolf?
Prologue|The girl in the forest|The fox and the henhouse|Sheriff Hogsworth's lucky night|Inquisition|Home to roost|War of Nerves|Nothing but us chickens|

Crossovers and guest comics

Keenquest/Even in Arcadia
Kel's transdimensional quest for the Towel of Douglas Adams. Originally published online in 2001 and 2002.
Keenquest reconstruction|Even in Arcadia|Bonus features|

At a naturist resort in 21st-Century Australia, a faerie turns up... Crossover with The Bare-Pit from 2006.

The gang get themselves embroiled in a war spanning multiple universes.
Prologue|Alcydia's recruitment|The Nightmares Attack!|Scale|Brute Force Search|Hell|Amethyst|Squirrels and Ferrets and Faeries, oh my!|Strategic Withdrawal|Meanwhile, back at the ranch...|Queen Alcydia|One Year Later|

Guest comics
Guest comics made by a wide range of artists! The first month's worth were made in 2001 and not shown on the new ROCR site until now. The ones after that are from 2003 and 2005, and the final ones were from late in 2006.
Guest Fortnight 1|Guest Fortnight 2|Sporadic guest period no. 3.|Guest period no. 4.|Guest period no. 5|Guest period no. 6||

Art for special occasions

Too much fixative means pages too sticky to scan

Sixth Anniversary art
Now we are Six! Artwork made for the website's sixth anniversary.
Sixth Anniversary|

Courtly Manners
Kel and Krakatoa like their revenge best when it's served cold... in a long drink glass with an umbrella, and in the presence of men.
Courtly Manners 1|

New Year's Eve 2007

New Year's Eve greeting, 2006|

Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race
Kel and Krakatoa get personal invitations to the Court Sabbath - but are they really from the Queen?
An invite in the poofst|Fieffel's chambers|The race|Queenly Bemusement|

Seventh Anniversary art
Now we are seven! Art on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of
Seventh Anniversary art|

New Year's Eve 2008

New Year's Eve 2008|