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Full list of Reinder Dijkhuis comics

It is nearly impossible to give a full list of my work on the web - there's just too much of it and it has been published in a haphazard way over a period of more than ten years. Below is my best stab at listing everything that's currently available:

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan daily humorous fantasy strip

See the Chapter listing.

Crossover: Keenquest/Even In Arcadia

Crossover: Incognito

Charity comic: Webcomics Hurricane Relief special episode

Little Cottage in the Woods (with Geir Strøm)

  • Nightmares Aliens tortured me with a history test!
  • Santa's Revenge Santa Claus brings punishment and retribution!
  • Roadworks Goblins Groningen at night is a fun place, but a dangerous one. Have you ever wondered about the nearly permanent work on the city's streets? Would you be surprised to hear a malicious nightly presence was responsible for that?

Pin Drop

  1. Injury The story of my self-inflicted hand injury.
  2. When we had tails God created Woman with free will and a prehensile tail. Not one of her better ideas. Written by Geir StrÝm.
  3. Tree Test One tree stands out from the other trees. There are consequences.
  4. The Grim Barrowman Death comes in many forms. One of them stalks you with glassy eyes and a wheelbarrow. Script by Barbara Stok.
  5. Desperately Seeking When you travel, fit in with the natives at all cost. If you can't, get the hell out of Dodge.
  6. Juggling Oranges and bananas and apples, oh my.
  7. Seedy Sunspot An empty sunspot turns out to be empty for a reason.
  8. Crossroads Choices, choices, y'always gotta choose.
  9. Epilogue What comes after the end

Autobiographical work, and some odd fiction

Science Fiction and Fantasy comics

White House in Orbit

  1. Orbital Germans
  2. Rocket Bandits
  3. Der Fliegende Engel
  4. Marauders of Mars
  5. In Space, No One Can Hear You Groan
  6. Target: The Emperor
  7. Orbital Christmas

In the year 3030, President Theodore Samuel Perkins dwells in the Orbital Dome, holding Charleston parties. But is he safe from America's many enemies? Written by Geir Strøm.

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