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White House in Orbit archives

Orbital Germans
White House serving girl Jane saves Agent X8.5, the President, and the day!
Orbital Germans|

Rocket Bandits
A crime wave sweeps the Orbital United States. Jane and X8.5 have to go undercover as the galaxy's most dastardly crime Kingpins to track down and root out the Rocket Bandits!
Rocket Bandits|

As a result of bureaucratic requirements, Jane is sent to Boot Camp. Just when the boredom is beginning to get to her, she is recruited for a suicide mission into the Orbital German Reich!
Boot Camp|The Night Club And The Fortress|The Torture Chamber|

White House in Orbit Guesties
Some guest comics made during White House in Orbit's original run.
White House in Orbit Guest Comics|

Marauders of Mars (2001)
Jane and X8.5 are sent to Mars to save the Princess of Barsoom from a most formidable enemy... the First Lady!
The Entangulator|Sold into slavery|The Pit of Most Horrible, Very Nauseating and Extremely Slow Death|The Swamp of Unmentionable Horrors|

In Space, No One Can Hear You Groan (2003)
Jane and X8.5 go under their deepest cover yet!
In Space, No One Can Hear You Groan|

Target: The Emperor
In a last-ditch effort to prevent a war, Jane and X8.5 have to capture the Solar Nipponese Emperor and take away the source of his mysterious charisma.
The briefing|Occupied Mercury|

An Orbital Christmas
Jane and X8.5 notice some suspicious behaviour from Prof. Buttumsup. More suspicious than usual, that is...
An Orbital Christmas|