White House in Orbit 'nuff said.

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Notes/First impressions: Ancillary Sword ? Ann Leckie
I'm back to work from vacation, so reading Ancillary Sword took a lot more time than the previous few books, and it was harder for me to get immersed into it. Other than that, it was pretty much what I expected: a strong sequel to Ancillary Justice but a sequel none the less and that […]

Notes/First Impressions: Ms. Marvel Vol 1: No Normal ? G. Willow Wilson (writ...
This is very much not made for me. Its target audience is about 30 years younger than I am, and I need to keep that in mind. Small-capacity iPads and ebook editions of full-color comics don't go together well. I read this on the 27" iMac. That does not affect my impression at all, but […]

For future reference?
... ads like this are not OK on my website. I don't monitor my ads closely and have so far only blocked ads that were obviously scammy, and only when I saw them. But I cannot accept advertisers who promote violence, and linking it with social justice causes – opposition to sexism, MRAs, the year-long […]