White House in Orbit 'nuff said.

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Decemboobs 2017, Day 22: Literal Decemboob
Yeah, you’re seeing this one in mid-February. That’s just how the repost schedule plays out. Day 22: What I wrote about this at the time: Merry Christmas all! I found this article:Christmas Boob Is The New Craze Sweeping Manchester and decided to draw it. For the first time this Decemboobs season (in case you are […]

Links for February 17, 2019: Metal confronts its Nazi problem, infodumping, p...
I skipped a few days of linklogging because I had other things going on and no energy. I may or may not try to track down some of the interesting links I’ve missed. Heavy Metal Confronts Its Nazi Problem by Colin Moynihan at the New Yorker is a good overview of the history of Nazis […]

Decemboobs 2017, Day 21: Wellp
Day 21: What I wrote about this at the time: Entry #21 in Decemboobs, the annual, month-long, daily drawing challenge in which cartoonists focus on boobs in order to learn to draw them more realistically. Learning is impossible without the possibility of failure, which is where this drawing comes in. If you go to the […]