White House in Orbit 'nuff said.

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Notes/first impressions: Ian Gillan ? Access All Areas
* Live recording from the Naked Thunder tour, 1990(ish) * Probably not from a single concert, and at only 11 tracks, not a full concert set, I think. Fade-ins and fade-outs between songs * Songs from Gillan's career from Deep Purple through original version of Gillan, plus Naked Thunder and Gillan/Glover tracks * Ian Gillan […]

Reading for the Hugos
Following this year's bullshit surrounding the Hugo Award nominations, I've decided to get involved. I got a supporting membership for Worldcon 2015, which should give me the right to vote and possibly an electronic kit that contains parts of, some, or all of the nominated works, depending on how this year's rights negotiations go. In […]

Albums bought in 2014.
Everyone's doing their end-of-year stuff already. I don't feel like I'm done trying out new albums just yet. Below, however, is the full list of albums and singles I bought (yes, bought, though I've included all the freebbies I've got as well) in 2014. In most cases, they were tested on Spotify first before I […]