Tamlin LLanfarythich

Tamlin LLanfarythich, a rogue, drunkard and wastrel

Name: Tamlin LLanfarythich.
Species: Human
Year of Birth: 950

Founded the gang in 973. Was once a feared bandit and berserker, slaying dragons and getting all the girls he wanted (including, at some time, Ethelfried), but is now seriously over the hill. Blame the ale, which he consumes in large quantities. Currently missing, presumed drunk. Presumed to be the father of Ragnarok's son.


Tamlin spent his late teens and early twenties as a Barbarian hero, specialising in the slaying of dragons and the bilking of villages. During this period, he met Ethelfried, a buxom village girl with long dark hair and a mind like a razor, who was the only woman he ever loved. In 973, after a short spell as a city pickpocket, he formed the gang with Pekka Leppiainen, Sari Leppiainen, the witch Atra Cambrensis and Jake the Gnome. The gang quickly became feared throughout the Clwydian Kingdom, especially its many innkeepers, because Tamlin's approach to celebration was to slam his axe into the bar and tell the innkeeper to keep'em coming.

The gang was joined in the late '70s by a boy called Dag Thorvaldsen whose admiration for Tamlin knew no bounds. After a row with Sari Leppiainnen, he left, to be replaced shortly after by his sister Ragna, who was even worse in this respect because she kept trying to go to bed with him. Eventually, Tamlin's drinking caught up with him, and by 991, the gang had fallen on hard times.

In an attempt to revive their fortunes, the gang trekked to the Dark Forests, to bring home the Green Knight's belt which they believed would grant them invincibility. Instead, they got Kel, a strange and flighty girl who was the Green Knight's bondservant. Since then, they've had plenty of adventure and trouble, but no real harm coming to them despite the stupid lass's meddling. They've earned the reluctant favour of king Groy, gained friends in high places (well, Dungill Fens) and attempted to go legit using land granted to them by Duke Henry. Part of the motivation for that was that, at the age of 50, Tamlin found himself the father presumptive of Ragna's son.

However, the clean life didn't agree with Tamlin. His attempt to stop drinking made him sour and bad-tempered, and matters came to a head when he was briefly reunited with Ethelfried, who by then had become a rich widow. He was last seen near Ethelfried's dwelling in Dungill Fens, where he tried to patch things up with her.


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