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Guest art by Jeroen Jager of Kittepoes

ROCR-themed Kittepoes strip by Jeroen Jager

Kicking off what will be an indeterminate guest period that could go on for as long as ROCR remains on house-buying/moving/family formation hiatus, here's a Kittepoes comic by my long term friend and collaborator Jeroen Jager. Jeroen has cunningly put his own character in the foreground and made the connection to ROCR pretty tenuous... but it's there. Trust me, it's there.

Guest period of 2010: Jeroen Jager The URL of this comic is


ROCR, now with zoom function!
Posted by Geir
I can ask Mith to implement the zoom feature here... but it would only work for pages posted after that day.
Posted by Reinder
Oh heck, kitty's after the carrots!
Posted by Joe
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