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Roadworks Goblins

This story was made for a forthcoming collection of comics about Groningen by night, to come out in September, 2006. It features the two characters from Little Cottage in the Woods and is set in the present day. The locations shown and refered to are all real streets and bars in Groningen, the Netherlands. Not that you'll see much of them, as the story was made on a tight deadline and much of the action was set in a hole in the street. Then again, the hole in the street is a very common location in Groningen.

We could go to Oblomov's, or we could fall into a bloody great hole in the ground!

Yes, she's the butt of many a joke. But who could resist?

Those creatures really do look like bad news. Shhhhlllurp!

Roadworks Goblins, at your service! Devourers of drunkards, sluggards and bums!

*) Yellow slippery bricks: Groningen's inner city shopping streets have been paved with yellow bricks for some time now. Well, yellow-ish. These bricks turned out to be magnets for grime and chewing gum, and very slippery when wet. But at least we can tell tourists to follow the yellow-brick road to the Martini Tower.
**) Pelsterstraat: Street in Groningen in which the comics shops Modern Papier and Zinnebeeld are located.
***) CiBoGa grounds: development project just outside the ring of canals. CiBoGa stands for Circus, Boden and Gasworks, which were the things that used to be located there. At this time, I am not quite sure what "Boden" means.

The Goblin leader calls dibs on a buttock from the female. The male wants to parley.

Cunning arguments completely fail to put the goblins off their dinner, but the female has an ace up her sleeve.

*) Vindicat: Vindicat atque Polit, Groningen's largest student fraternity, located on the East Side of the Grote Markt, just around the corner from where the two humans were trapped.

Presented with a more appetising proposal for their dinner, the goblins see reason and march off.

*) Turfsingel: one of the Singels, streets following the direction of the canal around Groningen's city center. Just around the corner from where the two humans were trapped, but in the other direction.
**) Z-siders: Soccer hooligans "supporting" FC Groningen. They do in fact congregate in some of the soccer-themed pubs on the Turfsingel, and they do piss in the canal, to the chagrin of the people living in the houseboats. Or maybe it's just regular folks doing that. Come to think of it, I wouldn't know.

I take it that untying us is too much to ask? I thought so.