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2007 fundraiser

Donation campaign! Donate to get previews and extra updates

I've decided to continue the fundraiser for another month. Previously, I had a donation campaign late in May to pay the rent for June. There's no real emergency this time around, but I'm trying to get paid for the time spent on Rogues of a Clwyd-Rhan so that the production will be more economically secure.

In exchange for the donations, I'm offering previews of current and forthcoming ROCR projects, and extra updates for every $ 80 collected.

Invasion, by the way, will take about 20 to 30 updates to complete, so it can be finished in a month if enough people donate to bump up the schedule. After Invasion, I have three projects planned that I really want to do, and which you will like too if you like Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan so far: a story called Muscle written by Adam Cuerden; King Groy, a rewritten, redrawn version of the story in which Kel met Jodoque, which is still missing from the archived continuity, and Feral, the story that was interrupted late last year. Donate now to get previews from these stories, starting with an unfinished page from Feral.

Latest: The eighth and ninth donor previews have been added, containing more pages from Feral. If you've donated before, simply go back to the donor bonus page. If you haven't donated, please do so now to see all seven previews. Raised so far: $465. Five extra updates in June have been financed!