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Aggie says:

The Feral is a character I've bugged the crap out of Reinder about. She's just this character he came up with as a catalyst for the story, but there is something about her I really like. What is this woman wearing not more than a shift doing out in the woods alone with an expensive hurdy gurdy? Those things were not cheap back then (in fact, a 13th century one is shaped like a shoe box and isn't like the lute backed model shown). She never speaks.. is that because she is mute? or is it because she doesn't know the language. I love the mystery around her.. and so I drew her today off a whim.. what I envision her like.

Kel found one of her dresses.. and I'm guessing the Feral has several laying about the place. I drew her here in sideless surcoat with ties at the ribs clinching it tight over her coteharde (I accidentally wrote houpeland.. getting them mixed up this morning). I put a hem guard on her skirting and a band of braid. I imagined her at some point traveling to where she is now, a stranger on a strange road, carrying her things in a sailor's bag (there were Norse examples on the Osaberg burial ship) and a Danish open fire skillet, which is nothing more than a long handle attached to an iron disk. No woman of the day would be complete without a head covering, and I drew hair pins too.

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