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In story time, this is the year 1003, so Kel has actually been with the gang for 12 years, not 10. I for one have long given up the pretence of setting the story exactly a thousand years in the past.

Let them stew, III The URL of this comic is


The queen say let them stew, now Kel says let them stew. That's one big pot of stew they're in.
Posted by Lee
I've just reread the whole story from the beginning. It still hangs together quite well, although there are a lot of threads that need tying up. The story certainly benefits from reading it all at once. Dense as it is, even a weekly update may not be enough to keep readers involved. Still hope to see it finished one day!

To summarize the story uptil now: The Rogues are beleaguered in their own farm, a) by the Sheriff and Inquisitors, because the Rogues freed the former's prisoners by impersonating the latter, and b) by angry farmers, including the Rogues' own tenants, led by Hywell ap Hywell, because Jake and Ragna have been rustling the farmers' sheep.

Said sheep have not fallen victim to werewolf activity, then. However, the Feral may still be a lycanthrope, for all we know. Kel assumes the Feral is a fellow witch.

There are several pregnant women in this story. This may become important, because werewolves supposedly get into a frenzy from smelling a pregnant woman. There's Sian, the baker's daughter from Lankin's Abbey and Shireen, a witch from Atra's coven. Bertie Hogsworth is afraid he's knocked up his girlfriend. Duchess Gudrun tries to get pregnant with the Duke. Atra's been hooking up with several village boys, including Owen Llanfarythich. Note also the presence of Sari Lepppiainen, the midwife.

Looming questions: What's with the mysterious hooded figure carrying plants around in Lankin's Abbey? Why is Brother Bartholomew afraid to leave the abbey? Who is Bertie Hogsworth's girlfriend? Why didn't Jake and Ragna collect wool from their tenants and set up a sheep rustling scam instead? Will the gang get out of the stew and how? And what about the Feral? What's her story?
Posted by Michiel P
Wait, we don't need an extra p in "Leppiainen".

In other news: I positively adored the Cerebus books, Reinder! The slow pace makes for a very involving reading experience. Powerful stuff. I'm afraid I don't have the time to put up a reading review of sorts. Thank you for letting me have them.
Posted by Michiel P
Cool, found my way to the latest page. I was worried earlier. It's a good story and hard to put down! :)
Just got done reading all of these stories, it only took two days, i have to give u props Reinder, the stories were almost addicting.
Posted by Jackson