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Colour flats by DFG

The story isn't over even if the gang are settling down for an end-of-adventure banquet! But we will be leaving things dangling for a little while. I almost didn't get this page done in time, because the studio PC gave up the ghost. Suddenly I had to use the Photoshop-under-Wine setup I discussed earlier in a real situation, and while it is clearly usable, it's making me even slower than normal.

Even without the broken PC, this would have been the start of a break to rebuild my buffer, slowly. I just can't crank those pages out while holding down a demanding day job. So this page will be the last new page for 2007. We'll have some extra stuff on the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan website before Christmas, though: some fan art, some stuff I found on my hard drives that people haven't seen in years, and the White House in Orbit story "Orbital Christmas". And we'll be working on the website setup so it's not so confusing, and I've got a few things in my head that I want to start writing for another artist. So even if it gets a bit quiet in terms of new updates, I'll be keeping busy. I'll be back with regular updates in the new year!

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Where's the tied up bard?
Posted by Sam