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Colour flats by DFG. Partial backgrounds by Calvin Bexfield.

Much of the assembly, lettering, ballooning and other digital work on this page and the next few was done in Photoshop 7 running under Wine on Kubuntu linux 7.10.
Wine isn't perfect by any means, and running Photoshop on it results in several minor bugs with layer handling, colour picking and re-rendering after some operations. I also haven't been able to get tablet sensitivity for Photoshop to work, even though it should. However, the combination allowed me to work on the digital processing for these pages, in more or less the same way I had done on the previous batches, from home, and so made rapid development of these pages possible. I was also pleasantly surprised by Photoshop's performance handling my large master files while running under Wine.
I just thought I'd mention this in order to thank the Wine team who have been working on this project for many years, and encourage others who might find themselves missing their favourite application after switching to linux, to give Wine a try. There's a very exhaustive database of what works and what doesn't, so you can check this prior to installing Wine itself.

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Are those advisers from one of those Beatles movies?
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