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A bunch of humans and a floating head showed up in the Wodeskog in the webcomic Too Many Authors.

Colours by DFG.

The chaos magic's effects reach far and wide. The URL of this comic is


The come alive squirrel hat is still the creepiest thing in the world.
Posted by DFG
Tash's friend is going to talk about the ancestor's *ears*, right?

Oh, and "RED SHOES HERE"? Would ruby-red slippers do the trick?
Posted by Gez
Cue David Duchovny with a dog... ;-)
Posted by Lee
I didn't knew that raw magic sounded like "ZWORP!"

Hmm, does the hippie squirrel smoke a opium pipe ???
Sure looks like it.
Posted by Jasse
It's a bong.
Posted by Reinder
Yay, I've been referenced! ^_^ (The floating head bit. That's the one.)
Posted by LittleBeast
(Actually the whole first panel. Click my name to check it out.)
Posted by LittleBeast
What is the word behind the "ZWORP!"? My bet is on "insert.
Posted by Jorlem
Oh, thank you! the closest i could get was 'NO?.F?T'... 'insert' accounts for all nicely.
Posted by spinclad
... The hat-squirrel is alive?!? :-/
Posted by Mravac Kid