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Krakatoa does a bit of science. The URL of this comic is


Since you commented on people not making comments about goofs: where is Abhui's left ear in panel 4? :p
Posted by Gez
This has less to do with the odd broken link and more with me needing a long break. It was bad enough having to draw the horns in panel 5 in digitally....
Posted by Reinder
Not THATS what I call timing! :P
Posted by Hogan
There. I've fixed the ear.
Posted by Reinder
Thank you. :)

By all mean, if you need a break, take a break. Better a not-too-long hiatus than a permanent one (or worse, a shark jump) because the author was getting burnt-out with it.

Unfortunately, it seems the story's back in crossover mode. Think Aggie/Gothia can make Scale hold her own without the help of Kel and crew?
Posted by
The story isn't back in crossover mode. There was an opportunity to, if not tie up, at least flag a loose end for future tieing up. So in Cameocomic, we've now seen Ottar and Norla return to the apartment and then be brought back to the world of ROCR. Whatever happens to Scale next is nothing to do with us.

I hope that eventually, someone will get around to documenting what adventures Ottar and Norla have had in porn-world. But I'm not going to do it myself or in the ROCR comic-space.
Posted by Reinder