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Colours by DFG.

Alcydia sees no reason to stop gloating. The URL of this comic is


Good gracious. Am I mistaken, or is Alcydia actually growing FANGS in that last panel!?
Posted by Geir
Lots of magic in the air. It could happen easily.
Posted by Sebastian Redl
Wow, someone for once obeys rule 15!!
Posted by Tropylium
The demands for accountants and bookkeepers are high considering that hundreds of thousands of
positions in this area become available every year. - no wrinkles (use an iron, have clothes dry
cleaned or buy a new outfit). Quite frankly, I don't think
I learned much other than bank recs, which I got wrong every month, and setting up a filing system for
legal documents, where I color coded file folders and grouped them into hanging folders.
Posted by Sammie

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