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Backgrounds by Calvin Bexfield. Colours by DFG.

(Br-zot + Foof) = (death + carnage) The URL of this comic is


"Completely unprotected in that ridiculous costume" indeed.

I like the rather anachronistic coffee shop they're in.
Posted by Gez
Ah. Love the smell of sulphur in the morning.
Posted by JS
And from this we learn that 2 out of 3 witches know when to run away...
Posted by Hogan
And there lies a lesson: you do not just notice the weakness of the enemy, you use it.
Posted by Zixinus
"And from this we learn that 2 out of 3 witches know when to run away..."

Sounds like a deodorant ad.
Posted by Branko Collin
"unprotected"?! can't she see? that's *chainmail*! nothing gets through chainmail!
Posted by spinclad
Except arrows. And sulphuric acid. And magical fireballs.
Posted by Reinder
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