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Colour by DFG. Meanwhile, some odd,sprity characters are showing up in the Wodeskog.

Dog eyeball soup! The URL of this comic is


Isn't she The Witch Queen? Are there several The Witch Queens? In earlier comics, she has said that she wants to be "witch queen instead of the witch queen", meaning that she is currently "the witch queen", and the "the" implies that she is the only one, but in the 3rd panel, she talks about someone else as being a "the witch queen". I am a bit confused about all this, both what is in this comic, and the whole "witch queen instead of the witch queen" thing. Wouldn't "The Witch Queen" be higher than a "Witch Queen"?
Posted by Jorlem
No, it implies that someone other than Alcydia is the Witch Queen, and Alcydia wants to be Witch Queen instead of her.
Posted by Reinder
OK. Thank you. It just clicked, and I think I understand it now. She wants to be the witch queen instead of the person who is currently the witch queen. I had been thinking that she was something called "the witch queen", and wanted to become "witch queen". Thank you very much. It all makes sense now.
Posted by Jorlem
Anbody confused by the be's and would-be's might benefit from reading this cast page over at "Chronicles of the Witch Queen".
Posted by Geir
While I'm at it, you might as well pick the Invasion-specific cast pages over on the COTWQ site:
Alcydia is here:
Not really much of a difference between the versions in Alcydia's case, except that the Invasion version was entered after the last time the server went kablooie, so the character encoding is correct, making for easier reading.
Posted by Reinder