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Colour by Mravac, de-purpled by me.

Alcydia anticipates a triumph of her will... The URL of this comic is


Those on the front bench seems rather jaded, in that second panel...
Posted by Gez
Who are the viking gents?
Posted by JS
They're the Quasi-Norse Demons and Valkyries from the beginning of the story.
Posted by Reinder
Personally, I find the term "witch queen instead of the witch queen" confusing. It made the story where that character first showed up incredibly difficult to read.
Posted by Kouban
I'd never have predicted that that phrase would trip people up. In fact, I find it hard to believe even though you're not the first person who's mentioned it.
Posted by Reinder
Hmm... "witch queen instead of the witch queen"... "Calif a la place du calif"... Coincidence? iznogood!
Posted by Bart