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Backgrounds by Calvin Bexfield except for the final panel. Colours by Mravac Kid, mostly.

Meanwhile, back at the rally... The URL of this comic is


What happened to Demona anyway? Did she quit the wars silently?
Posted by TuuronTour
She's presumably pursuing her own ends with her own division of Wolfmen. Just for fun; she likes a good massacre from time to time.
Posted by Reinder
Kel dancing in the river of blood is slightly disturbing. She's barefoot, don't she realizes in what she's stepping?

Alcitler is very "Great Dictator."
Posted by Gez
when you just survived a massacre and want to celebrate that, you dont (want to) notice anything disturbing the mood
Posted by Osk
hmm... i see three sorts in the last: Alcydia's wolves, Demona's demons, and ... some valkyrie-types in uniform red hair, who seem to be new. i don't recall seeing them before (though of course the Chronicles of the Witch-Queen have been generally black line on white, so they wouldn't have stood out this way before).
Posted by spinclad
The valkyries are Demona's demons. Look it up in the early chapters.
Posted by Reinder