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Before reading this comic, read today's Sharing a Universe.

Last one of three episodes set in Totallynotmoperville. If you think you recognise some of the characters, settings, creatures and/or running gags from El Goonish Shive, rest assured that you are, in all likelihood, suffering from a mass hallucination caused by fluoride in the water. You may be distressed to realise that two decades after the end of the Cold War, we still have to deal with the after-effects of dastardly communist plots, just like our old enemies still have to deal with the fall-out from when we blew up Chernobyl. Er, you weren't supposed to know that. Anyway, let that be a warning to future generations. Now, if you could please stay put, the men in the black helicopters will be along soon enough to wipe your memory for you, after which we won't speak of this again.

I still suffer from this mysterious compulsion to blurt out that El Goonish Shive is © Dan Shive. Perhaps more usefully, Lynette and Skipper are © Stephen Southworth, and Menjou the Wonder Ferret is © Starline X. Hodge and so are half of the squirrels.

Leave it to a squirrel to see the bright side. The URL of this comic is