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Before reading this comic, read what happens in Sharing a Universe.

Colours by Mravac Kid with post-production by me. The setting and the Squirrel Idol bear no relationship whatsoever to El Goonish Shive - any similarities are probably a hypnagogic delusion resulting from over-exertion and sleep deprivation, and I would advise you to take better care of yourself. However, I am strangely compelled to blurt out, for no reason, that El Goonish Shive is © Dan Shive. Also, Menjou is © Starline X. Hodge and Lynette and Skipper are © Stephen Southworth.

Meanwhile, wolfmen and Nightmares are finally showing up among the troops in Evil Overlords United.

He's got a point... that hat is an abomination. The URL of this comic is


The night to say "Ni"!
Posted by Doc
That angry squirrel in the third panel somehow reminded me of gremlins. Maybe it's the wide ears.
Posted by TuuronTouir