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As you can see, the town Sash, Lynette, Skipper and Menjou find themselves in is not Moperville, and any similarity with Moperville is an optical illusion caused by a weather balloon. Any of the characters, settings and creatures that the characters, settings and creatures bear a purely coincidental relationship to are © Dan Shive.

Colours by Mravac Kid. Menjou is from Candi. Lynette and Skipper are from Sharing A Universe. Did I mention the weather balloon?

A slice of life in Totallynotmoperville. The URL of this comic is


Look! It's TotallynotA Demonic Duck!
Posted by Jorlem
Don't forget, to fit in with all this crazy, TotallynotMoperville is a town in 'Mayhem'.
Posted by Joeldipops
Jorlem: and we're not distracted at all!
Posted by Reinder