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Colour by Mravac Kid. Some post-production by me. Menjou © Starline X. Hodge.

The enemy squirrel gets a very special treat... The URL of this comic is


Posted by Doc
so... do the shrooms give him a touch of webcomic awareness? he looks like he's talking to the 4th wall there in his evil-power-trippiness.
Posted by spinclad
Is that a stuffed squirrel she's wearing, or is that just drugged as well???
Posted by Lee
Somehow, it feels wrong that it's "yer" and not "ur" :)
Posted by Gez
Lee: It's a hat, a marking of her place in the community as the squirrel wrangler.
Gez: Yeah. But I want people to be able to read it without having to know the meme.
Posted by Reinder
I love the LOLSKWRL ad!
love how every haircurl becomes simultaneously so exact and thematic. so fitting to magic-induced states of awareness...
Posted by spinclad